Tin Ho, 22

“Kansas City has grown to be so much more than just a place that offered me a scholarship. It has become the place where I fuel my passion, build my ventures, and mature as an entrepreneur and as a person.”

In their own words

I’m a student by day, entrepreneur by night.

I have started three tech startups so far—a video game development agency, a food delivery app and Lean Start Lab, a technology development agency that works with early-stage entrepreneurs to build their concept prototypes and minimum viable products.

For my entrepreneurial activities, I was chosen the Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and spoke at the Entrepreneur of the Year Gala.

I founded and currently preside over an organization called the Student Entrepreneur Group Action (SEGA), a group of interdisciplinary student entrepreneurs who periodically meet to discuss entrepreneurship and help each other start, build and grow their ventures.

KC story

I first came to UMKC in 2013 as an international student from Vietnam. Being 8,477 miles away from home, I didn’t know the first thing about the U.S., let alone Kansas City.


Everywhere I go, I see inspiration. Every group I’m in, I feel and feed off the internal fire of my teammates.Everywhere I look, I find entrepreneurial initiatives, set in motion by the great entrepreneurial minds of Kansas City.


Living in Kansas City has majorly impacted my career. Kansas City, specifically its vibrant and nurturing entrepreneurial community, has given me the connection, the resources, and most importantly, the courage to pursue my ventures even though I am only 22 years and going to school. Now I embrace entrepreneurship as my lifestyle.

Thank you Kansas City, for being such a wonderful and welcoming community that inspired and enabled me to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey.  


I grew up observing my parents building their ventures from the ground up. While their hope for me is to one day come back to Vietnam and take over the companies they have built, I aspire to create my own empire and make an impact in my very own way. The joy and thrill of creating and bringing something new to the world has a special place in my heart.

While Lean Start Lab is doing quite well and we are fulfilling our mission of helping early stage entrepreneurs, I am always on the lookout for the next startup to create, the next set of problems to solve and the next population to help.


Kansas City has an extremely close-knit and supportive community so feel free to express yourself and don’t ever be afraid to reach out to ask for help or ask to meet someone. It is amazing how much you can learn and grow from a one-hour conversation over coffee with a new friend.