Sheldon Neal, 28

“Although we have a small city feel, move and operate like you’re in New York. You’ll rise to the top!”

In their own words

My daily goal is to live my best life. I’m an entrepreneur (own/operate two successful businesses), I’m a musician (classical piano) and I love to travel (especially if there’s a beach involved). Other hobbies include: cooking, reading, cards games, and learning. Most importantly, I’m a new parent! I recently adopted a young boy who I mentored for the last two years. Although I have many accomplishments, finalizing the adoption is by far my best work.

I love to laugh and spread positive energy. Okay, that’s enough bragging! 🙂

KC Story

Born and raised in KC. I love my city!

I’ve lived all over the metro: KC, Overland Park, Grandview, Lee’s Summit (current) and the best part of KC is the people. Although the midwest is sometimes forgotten, I wouldn’t raise my children anywhere else.
When my business began to expand, my team discussed moving to a larger city. I decided that KC is where I want to be, and ever since, it has been my goal to make KC a hub for multimedia. With all of our talents here, residents could have a new option rather than jumping on a flight to L.A. or New York for media work.

A day in the life

Everyday is very different for me. Meetings, consultations, and mentoring with teens are always the highlights. Shooting and editing video are sprinkled throughout the day. I try to squeeze in a good podcast on business or comedy. Now that I’m a dad, I tend to wrap up work around 5pm. The rest of the evening consists of dinner and quality time with my family.


I have the ability to push people towards greatness, in a very uplifting and encouraging way. I’d like to be remembered for that.


I didn’t go to college. This is hands down that biggest shock. There’s a misconception that you must go to college in order to reach success. This is simply untrue. However, I promote getting a college education and understand that my path isn’t ideal for everyone.


Although we have a small city feel, move and operate like you’re in New York. You’ll rise to the top!