Makayla Hancock-Harris, 22

“When you know your purpose in life, it opens doors to expand the creativity inside of you.”

In their own words
Full-time student at the University of Missouri Kansas-City & on call Group Leader for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City.

In high school I was a very active teen. From varsity cheer, dance and basketball to Student Government Association and Homecoming Queen. My involvement in school kept me focused and out of major trouble, and that opened the path for me to want to see others inspired and successful. At the age of 17, I met a young girl who was cutting herself and going through suicidal thoughts in high school. My heart was driven by this young girl which led me to start No Scars Movement, an organization whose mission is to uplift, encourage and heal the hurting hearts of young girls. I had no vision or plan for the organization, I just desperately wanted to see girls healed, restored and renewed. I had no idea that God would lead me to start a non-profit organization at the age of 17.

I had my first conference at my church Crossroad Christian Fellowship in 2013, and from there it opened doors for me to speak to girls at community centers, conferences, local clubs and travel to places in and outside of the country. Outside of my non-profit, I am active in my church with the youth department and serve my community. I was married  on August 5th to an amazing published author/teacher/motivational speaker that I met at the Black Student Government Conference we both spoke at back in February of 2016 at KU. Other places I have spoken at are Generation Rap on Hot 103 Jamz, Nuggets of Grace on KPRT, It’s All about You Girls Seminar, Boys & Girls Club Smart Girls Conference, Dominican Republic (Dr Missions) Girls Group Home and more. I love to see others inspired by my journey, a 22 year old young adult striving to make an impact, hoping others want to do the same.

KC story

Kansas City has been home for me since birth in 1995. I have lived here for 22 years of my life. I have a talented family of musicians, singers and artists who bring art to Kansas City and other places across the world. My mother and father were very active in Kansas City growing up which created an active journey for me in the community. The Kansas City Jazz District means a lot to me because it has some of my family history in it. I love to learn about the local museums and artists who have visited here. In fact, my great uncle owned the first hotel for African Americans down by 18th and Vine when they were not allowed to stay at other hotels. I love the culture that has been created in that community.

A day in the life

A typical day for me varies while being a full-time student. I always get up in the morning to read and write. Throughout the week, I am either in class on campus, studying, serving at church, updating social media accounts for my church and/or organization or working at the Boys & Girls Club. In the evenings, I try my best to list out the tasks that need to be done the next day and/or what my schedule will look like.


Three words I live by are uplift, inspire and motivate. I want to be known for helping others get to their next level in life and become a better version of themselves inside and out. My motto is to love God and love people.


Readers may be surprised to know that my first time flying on a plane to travel was May of 2016. After my parents lost close friends in a plane crash I was afraid to fly. During that year, I faced my fear and took two flights to Texas to visit family, one flight to Dominican Republic for a mission trip and one trip to Baltimore for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.


My advice for young Kansas Citians is to find a passion that will allow you to serve other people.  When you are creating, always identify who your target market is and understand the “why”’ behind what you do. When you know your purpose in life, it opens doors to expand the creativity inside of you.

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