Jasmine Diane, 25

“It is imperative that I use my platform to show underrepresented women that they can have everything they are willing to work, strategize and sacrifice for.”

In their own words
I am a young woman on a mission to inspire other women to pursue their passions. By day I’ve strategized social media and managed channels for Dairy Queen, EXPRESS and hosts of others. I’ve done all of this by working for two of Kansas City’s most prestigious advertising agencies, Barkley and VML.

I started my nationally recognized blog, JasmineDiane.com, five years ago, after a bad breakup in college. Since then I’ve worked with brands like Pepsi, Starbucks, Walgreens, Hallmark and Dove. I have been featured in Ink Magazine, Saint Louis Fashion Week, Marie Claire Magazine and hosts of other print and online publications.

Recently, I launched the #MyGirlStory Campaign to promote girl power through positive stories along with my own t-shirt college. I’m a woman with a hunger to inspire millions of women one day at a time, whether that’s at my job or online through my platform.

KC story
I am Kansas City born and raised. I grew up in South Kansas City, attending school in the Hickman Mills School District most of my life before graduating with honors from Raytown High School. I went on to attend the University of Missouri for 4 years. After graduation, I landed back home in Kansas City to build my life into what it is today. Midtown has stolen my heart, whether it’s shopping at the Plaza, running at Mill Creek Park, eating at McCoy’s or dancing at Party Arty at the Nelson Atkins Museum.

A day in the life
There are no typical days for me and that’s what keeps me on my toes. A light day would include waking up at 7am to check personal emails and reading and pushing out any JasmineDiane.com content before driving into work. At work, I manage social media accounts for clients, look for any opportunities and socialize with my team while listening to Ted Talks. My best days at work tend to happen when I’m dressed up in metallic loafers or wearing a bold lipstick. There’s something special about looking good.

After work, I head to a local restaurant to network over happy hour with an industry friend. Once happy hour ends, I head home to catch up on more JasmineDiane.com work before heading to the gym around 9pm. Then finally back home to eat, shower and answer more emails before sliding into bed around midnight.

I would like to be known for my passion to inspire women to live their best lives, specifically women of color. It is imperative that I use my platform to show underrepresented women that they can have everything they are willing to work, strategize and sacrifice for. I am passionate about this because there were other women who have done this for me. There is nothing more powerful than seeing someone who looks like you in a position that you aspire to have. It’s almost confirmation that you can do it. I want to be confirmation for someone else.

Ink readers would be surprised to know that I have hypermobility joints in my fingers, a.k.a. I am double jointed and can bend all my fingers at the first groove.


Pro tip
I would tell young Kansas Citians to explore the city more. Moving back home after college forced me to rediscover Kansas City. There are a ton of things going on in the fashion and art industries. You must do the work of finding events until you make enough connections for people to invite you out. Kansas City is what you make it, so make it amazing.