Carrington Harrison, 28

“There is such a hunger for creativity and uniqueness that the city will support you if you do your thing.”

In their own words
I’ve co-hosted afternoons at 610 Sports Radio for the past 4 years, done multiple charity events for Big Brothers Big Sisters including organizing a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl that raised over $3k and got multiple new members and helped organize a Go Fund Me for Rose Brooks Domestic Violence Center that raised $16,000 for charity.

KC story
I’ve lived in KC my entire life aside from going to college in Joplin, Missouri. I grew up off 75th & Troost close to the 7th Heaven. A lot of music was listened to up there. We later moved next to Ruskin High School for most of my time in high school until we moved to where my parents live now, farther south. I’m pretty aware of movement East of Troost. I feel like far too many times it goes forgotten and isn’t getting the proper resources for growth and development.

A day in the life
I’m a creature of habit so I wake up around 8 every day. I spend a lot of time reading and jotting down ideas to prepare for the show, then head to work around 10:30 or 11. Show prep from 11 to 2. Various meetings throughout the day to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Show is from 2 to 6. After work, I hang out with my friends, listen to music, watch sports. Typical boy stuff. I live an amazing life.

I just want to create and do things that people like and enjoy. I want to be known as someone who pushes themselves each day to be the best I can be and continue getting better at work, life, etc. I want to be known as someone who actively tries to improve the community around me.


Um, I named my sister Danielle. My parents wanted me to be a part of the process so I offered up her name and that’s what’s happened. My friends and I put together a party series called The Aux Cord Series that allow regular people (non DJs) to control the music in a club/lounge setting like it’s a house party.

Our city is so ripe with great opportunities and people. There are so many people willing to help and support you. There is such a hunger for creativity and uniqueness that the city will support you if you do your thing. Focus on that. Focus on figuring out how you can improve the city we live in. Focus on figuring how to let people know how special where we live is.